Thursday, 31 March 2011

10 (and a bit) things you didn’t know about Market Dojo

  1. We’ve run an auction on our software before via a mobile phone – true cloud technology!
  2. In 10 clicks of the mouse you can log-in, create an Event, gather pre-bids and run an auction on our software.
  3. You can use our software not just for e-auctions but also as a centralised RFQ system to gather quotations, questions, specifications and supply pools.
  4. Our Annual Licence can be used by consultancies for multiple clients, as we don’t restrict you to one licence per client.
  5. We are self-funded and so we treat our clients as real people rather than part of an investors exit plan.
  6. The literal meaning of Dojo is the “place of enlightenment”, so we are the marketplace of enlightenment!
  7. We have actually been on the moon!  If you don’t believe it, check out the video on our YouTube channel.
  8. We can run our business anywhere in the world provided we have internet as everything about us is securely hosted online, even our landline phone numbers!
  9. Our tagline is ‘online auctions made simple’ – we aim to bring e-auctions to businesses that were either priced out or were bamboozled by existing software.
  10. One of our clients turned around an e-auction on our software in just 6  working days, which included picking a suitable category, gathering line item data, collating the RFQ documents, sourcing suppliers, hand-holding them through the process, responding to questions, collecting qualification bids and finally, running the auction!  What a fantastic effort.
  11. Our founders are a Mechanical Engineer, an Aeronautical Engineer and a Physicist.  It’s safe to say we like a good challenge!
  12. We give lectures to business schools and universities and have developed an interactive e-auction game for them to take part in.
  13. Our software is entirely owned and developed by us, so we can take it in whichever direction our clients wish us to.
  14. Our software is written in Ruby on Rails, an extremely agile and scalable programming language used by Twitter, Yellow Pages, Scribd, Get Satisfaction and Groupon.
About:  Market Dojo provides business-to-business e-auction and e-sourcing software.  Find out more at   


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