Monday, 13 February 2012

Market Dojo needs you!

We have created accessible e-sourcing software, attracted customers both large and small, proved its value and now we want to share our success.

"Market Dojo is looking for resellers"

SaaS solutions are being adopted by many companies in the market and offer advantages over the traditional software applications. We have taken this and applied it very successfully to the e-Procurement space as a best of breed e-Sourcing solution. Our solutions currently extend to electronic quotations and auctions, however, we have many more developments coming soon.

We have demonstrated that our software is as competent as many solutions out on the market, yet is available for a fraction of the cost:
  • Generating a large ROI for both large and small tenders from SMEs to large corporates
  • Many events have proved that the platform is intuitive to hosts and participants
  • Our customers have praised its innovation and accessibility
To help bring our solution quickly to the global market, we are looking for resellers. We are happy to work with consultancies and also pure software resellers where our solution will be a great addition to your offerings.
To see some of the benefits and more detail, please go to our Webpage or send an email to


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