Friday, 18 January 2013

Guest Post - Maximising user adoption of e-sourcing software

Today we are very pleased to welcome a guest post from Optimum Procurement.  Jane McAuliffe from Optimum was kind enough to participate in a recent product requirements workshop, and write a little bit about the experience.  This article was originally published on the Optimum Procurement website.  Many thanks Jane! 

Market Dojo, the UK-based start-up company, is already punching above its weight in the procurement software solutions arena.
Having already come up with an innovative approach to business-to-business e-sourcing in developing software along the principles of an easy to use, yet professional system, which is hosted entirely online, the team are now focusing their pioneering streak on realising the next application in their purchasing tool kit.
Jane McAuliffe, Advisory Principal at Optimum Procurement, took part in a recent workshop to help define this latest tool and was impressed by the team’s approach.  Jane commented: “Working on the premise that e-sourcing is only one element of procurement software that they can provide a unique offering for, the Market Dojo team organised a highly interactive day, involving a number of procurement practitioners whose skills and experience the team used to draw out what those who would be interacting with the system on a daily basis would want to see from it.
The team’s commitment to involving input from a cross-section of end-users upfront in the development process provides an essential opportunity to enhance their initial concept in line with the market needs.  In this way, not only should the final product reflect the requirements of its end users, but it also means that the tool, when developed, will surely operate in a consistent manner to existing software; that is to say, straightforward and easy to use.
Of course I can’t actually say too much about the tool itself, that’s the perogative of the Market Dojo team, but it is certainly great to see a software company really engaging in an open and collaborative process with the end user.  We will just have to watch this space for the end result…”
The development of this latest Market Dojo tool has been enabled thanks to a second Technology Strategy Board grant, awarded in August 2012.  This external recognition of the latest developments underpins the innovative and exciting nature of the software and bodes well for its full release to the market in 2013.

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