Monday, 11 March 2013

Many hands make light work

We are delighted to announce our second major upgrade of the year.  Log into today and use our new User Hierarchy feature.  It has been released to help our more enterprise customers collaborate on their sourcing activities.

Some of the key features include:
  • Creating your own groups of users and assigning view or edit capabilities over their sourcing events.
  • Inviting users who are either internal or external to your organisation to view or edit your sourcing events.
  • Centrally tracking all users, what permissions they have and whether they have registered and/or have a valid licence to use the software.
  • Improved security on defining whether another user is in your organisation or not.
  • Organisational white labelling of the software.
Here are a couple of scenarios where you might find this feature very useful.

Showcasing your work

You’ve put in weeks of hard work preparing your tender documents, managing the suppliers, chasing in timely proposals and validating the responses to ensure all is on track.  However, you’ve largely done this in isolation via your Market Dojo e-Sourcing event.  Next step you want to conduct negotiation via e-Auction and you want others to witness your accomplishment, especially those overseas stakeholders.   Well, this is now very easy: simply add them as a user and give them view rights over the auction event.  Our software will send them a viewing invitation, guiding your colleagues through the process.  Let them sit back in amazement at your success!

Being assisted by consultants

Many of us wish to have a helping hand with our work.  With User Hierarchy you can either run the sourcing events yourself yet give a third party edit rights over your events to keep things on track, or you put the consultant in the driving seat who can then give you access to their sourcing events – it’s your choice!

Managing a team

Finally, with User Hierarchy you can build your own online sourcing team.  Define which team members can have edit rights over things like the Supplier Database or the Document Library.  Pick a team leader who can be given a team-wide view of the sourcing events.  Have multiple team leaders if you wish and give yourself complete visibility over everything that is going on.  It is completely up to you on how you wish to structure your team.

We really hope you find this useful.  Best of all there is no cost at all to add a user to view sourcing events - licences are only required for users who wish to create or edit events. 


  1. Love this upgrade! Thank you so much

    1. You're very welcome Terri! Glad to hear you are getting a lot of use from it. Looking forward to sharing our other developments with you in due course.