Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Create your own portal

Today we are very pleased to announce a new release of Market Dojo.

The focus for this release is ‘White labelling’.  This gives Hosts some new options for customising Market Dojo with their own branding.  

In addition to being able to use their own logo and colours, you can now do the following:
  • Choose your own subdomain (e.g. megacorp.marketdojo.com).  
  • When accessing Market Dojo using the subdomain, the Hosts branding will automatically be shown, without requiring Participants to sign in first.
  • Emails sent from the system are shown as coming from the Host, contain the Hosts branding and link back to the Hosts chosen subdomain.

We think White Labelling will be to be useful to anyone who wants to put their  branding front and centre. This includes our partners who use Market Dojo as a component of their service, and Hosts, who simply want to give their Participants a clear reminder of who they are working with.

We have also taken the opportunity to upgrade a few other components of the platform, most notably the way we process file uploads.  Although not so noticeable, we think these will give many small improvements to the overall user experience.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Market Dojo: how to set up your mega organisation in minutes

We’ve been involved in a number of discussions and tender exercises recently with large organisations who require hundreds of users on our platform.  When we tell such organisations that they can set up all the users and the whole e-sourcing tool themselves within a matter of minutes, including the supplier databases, document templates, user permissions and even the white labelling, we are met with incredulity.  “That’s not possible”, they say, armed with a tender response from a competitor that states they require 6 weeks dedicated external resource to implement such a platform.  Well, let us tell you now, it is completely achievable.  Here’s how to do it with our software:

1) Sign yourself up on Market Dojo, completing the 8 simple fields. ~ 2 minutes

2) As the first user from your organisation, you will be the nominated ‘superhost’, which means you have the default Admin rights over your organisation.  Once logged in, you will see in the menu the ‘Admin’ option where you can do some great things.  Start by clicking ‘Display Settings’.  This will let you change the logo and the menu and text colours to ones of your choosing.  All your other users in your organisation will see these effects, as well as any participants your organisation invites to take part in your tenders. ~ 3 minutes

3) From Admin, select the ‘Document Library’.  Here you can upload all the templates and standard documents that you wish your organisation to use.  No more do they have to rely on their local document folders with document templates that differ from one user or hard drive to the next. ~ 5 minutes

4) Now pick ‘Participant Database’ and do an unlimited bulk upload of all your participants (e.g. suppliers) using our really easy templates provided on our website.  Only the typical details such as e-mail address, company and name are needed.  Categorise them if you wish, using free-text definitions of your choosing.  Put suppliers into multiple categories, as we all know they can have multiple offerings.  Now your organisation will have an excellent database of participants to invite to their sourcing events.  ~ 4 minutes

5) Move to ‘Host Groups’.  Here you can bulk upload your own users, those who will be creating, viewing or editing sourcing events.  A few minutes later you can have them all populated in the software and put into your own organisational groups, be it by spend category, by department, by site or whatever you like. ~ 2 minutes

6) Finally in Admin, use the ‘Host Permissions’.  Add any users here that you wish to give specific rights.  So, your UK Purchasing Manager might want to see every event run by the UK team, likewise the Manager in the US for the US activities.  The Group Purchasing Director might want to see, but not edit, everything that is happening.  Set it all up here.  Some users might want to have the ability to edit other people’s sourcing events.  You might even want to let that external consultancy have an input into your events.  ~ 5 minutes.

Hit the ‘Email user(s) of any changes’ button and everyone you’ve just added to the Permissions will be given an activation link and can be up and running a minute later.

Grand total:  21 minutes to get the whole thing set up and in the hands of your team.  Granted we've assumed that you have the information at your disposal, such as your colleagues e-mail addresses, but it really is that easy to populate the tool itself.

At this point, tell your invited colleagues to head to the ‘Sandpit’ and they can play about with all types of sourcing events from both the buy-side and the supplier-side until they are confident how it all works and want to use it for real.  You can even check that they have used the Sandpit before you  give them a licence, a bit like your Driving Test if you will.

Of course, the one final piece in this puzzle is to ensure they all have valid licences to use the software.  Whilst you can buy these yourself through the software, we would hope you might involve us in this bit as we'd love to hear from you!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Regina Maria acquired an eProcurement system from TotalSoft to conduct an auction of more than 3 million euros

 Below is a post from one of our partners, TotalSoft, who is the leading ERP provider in Romania with over 1500 customers across 27 countries.  We partnered with them to provide our e-Sourcing software for one of their customers, Regina Maria.  Here is the actual press release:
Regina Maria, the largest private health network in Romania, has concluded a contract for the use of TotalSoft‘s Charisma eProcurement solution to conduct an auction that exceeds 3 million euro. The system, purchased as Software as a Service at the end of 2012, was the basis of an auction aimed at establishing acquisition prices of raw materials (especially drugs) for the next 3 years.
By implementing a system dedicated to conducting negotiations with suppliers, it would help the company streamline the process and maximize the results; doing so was the recommendation of the international management consulting firm that Regina Maria hired in 2012 to improve the company’s performance and reduce operational costs. The online version of Charisma eProcurement was the best solution to improve the supplier selection process; it also offered Regina Maria the possibility to ensure a direct and transparent competition for all suppliers.
"TotalSoft provided us with a demo of the solution, and allowed us to test it to make sure that it met exactly our needs; after only five days we launched invitations for the first auction.  For a total value that exceeded 3 million euro, we achieved savings between 10-25%, which is huge when measured against the investment in the software solution", said Mr. Manuel Cancenski, Acquisition Manager, Tehnical & Logistics, Regina Maria.
Besides the savings obtained, Regina Maria also managed to run the negotiation process in only one hour, while the preparations for entire project had been completed in just two weeks.
The online version of Charisma eProcurement is hosted and implemented by TotalSoft’s partner in UK, Market Dojo, and integrates with Charisma ERP, or other similar systems.
Regina Maria – TotalSoft partnership dates back in 2010, when the medical company acquired Charisma ERP and Charisma Medical Software.
TotalSoft has an undeniable expertise in private healthcare software market in Romania - top three players of the market are currently using TotalSoft’s solutions.
Market Dojo - e-Sourcing made simple!