Monday, 8 April 2013

Regina Maria acquired an eProcurement system from TotalSoft to conduct an auction of more than 3 million euros

 Below is a post from one of our partners, TotalSoft, who is the leading ERP provider in Romania with over 1500 customers across 27 countries.  We partnered with them to provide our e-Sourcing software for one of their customers, Regina Maria.  Here is the actual press release:
Regina Maria, the largest private health network in Romania, has concluded a contract for the use of TotalSoft‘s Charisma eProcurement solution to conduct an auction that exceeds 3 million euro. The system, purchased as Software as a Service at the end of 2012, was the basis of an auction aimed at establishing acquisition prices of raw materials (especially drugs) for the next 3 years.
By implementing a system dedicated to conducting negotiations with suppliers, it would help the company streamline the process and maximize the results; doing so was the recommendation of the international management consulting firm that Regina Maria hired in 2012 to improve the company’s performance and reduce operational costs. The online version of Charisma eProcurement was the best solution to improve the supplier selection process; it also offered Regina Maria the possibility to ensure a direct and transparent competition for all suppliers.
"TotalSoft provided us with a demo of the solution, and allowed us to test it to make sure that it met exactly our needs; after only five days we launched invitations for the first auction.  For a total value that exceeded 3 million euro, we achieved savings between 10-25%, which is huge when measured against the investment in the software solution", said Mr. Manuel Cancenski, Acquisition Manager, Tehnical & Logistics, Regina Maria.
Besides the savings obtained, Regina Maria also managed to run the negotiation process in only one hour, while the preparations for entire project had been completed in just two weeks.
The online version of Charisma eProcurement is hosted and implemented by TotalSoft’s partner in UK, Market Dojo, and integrates with Charisma ERP, or other similar systems.
Regina Maria – TotalSoft partnership dates back in 2010, when the medical company acquired Charisma ERP and Charisma Medical Software.
TotalSoft has an undeniable expertise in private healthcare software market in Romania - top three players of the market are currently using TotalSoft’s solutions.
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