Thursday, 8 August 2013

Another day, another release

Another day brings another release from the Market Dojo labs.  This time we have some great additions in a variety of areas.

Ever feel like you need more time?

In this development you now have the ability to extend an auction outside of the automatic triggers.

During a live auction, simply click on the ‘Settings’ and decide how  long you would like to extend the event to.  You can extend it by the same period as the dynamic close or extend by the original duration of the entire auction.

Is your invitation falling on deaf ears or did it just not get through?

With this feature you are simply able to tell if the email has bounced.  On the participant summary tab you can see in the status column the participants where the email has bounced.

Enhance your reports

Lastly we have increased the reports available when you download the results.  We still have the original report showing the entire bid history which is great if you want to draw a quick graph.  We have now included a summary and status of all the participants on a separate tab in the export. Finally we have also added a summary tab of lots vs participants so you can quickly ascertain the best bid from each participant in each lot.


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