Monday, 12 August 2013

Our Market Dojo top 10 features

Here is a list of what the Market Dojo team have picked as their favorite features.  Why not log in and see what you think?

1. Sandpit

You can try the full functionality of our software for FREE.  Just register and join the sandpit from the dashboard.  Act as a Host or a Participant.

See our original blog on this.

2. Display settings

White label the software!  You can add your logo, menu colour and a subdomain  within seconds and all the emails come from you.  Not only that but you can even create your own domain.

See our blog on the Customer Domain and the subdomain

3. Live Auction edits

We now have a brilliant capability to edit settings during a  live auction.  You can change the dynamic close, min and max bid decrements, pause, extend the event and also decline and re-accept participants back in.

See our blog on the first and second release to achieve this.

4. Innovation portal scoring

In a new release we have a really cool looking interface for scoring innovation topics and looking at the summary.

Please see our Blog and Prezi on this.

5. Live graphs

Our graphs update live and here is an example of a graph which we hope to have in the next month, the horse race graph, to plot the dynamic interaction between suppliers as it happens.

See our blog on the live updates

6. Overall Score

If you want to run a weighted event, by which we mean have the participant position based on a score which is made up of a price and non-price element, then this is made possible through an overall score which is updated in real time.  Thus the software will do the calculation for the participants bid and give their rank based on a combination of the various criteria that you have set.  Also the scoring is linear and set out in a very logical fashion.

Have a look at our infographic on our website for this.

7. Bounce mail

Now you can see which emails exist and which don't!

See our blog release when this happened.

8. Adopting the latest tech to make the bidding experience more interactive

We know that an auction can be quite an event for our customers, often very high profile,and so being able to track the current status is very important.   As a result, we have spent time to understand how to make that information easily available and used cutting edge technology like AJAX and websockets to ensure that it is quickly updated.

9. User Hierarchy

We examined lots of different ways to do this and came up with a simple rule-based structure that you create yourself.  The advantage of this is complete flexibility to give your users in the organisation the permissions that you want.  Make someone a superuser and just let them edit the rules for their events, or add permissions to let a manager see all their buyers events or let a stakeholder just viewing access for a particular auction, the choice is yours.

See our blog on this release.

10 Supplier groups

Easily upload your suppliers and categorise them into your own defined groups that users in your organisation can invite to eSourcing events as and when they want.

See our article on setting up an organisation.

11. Simple sign up

I know we said ‘Top 10’ and this isn’t really a feature but we have added this entry to show how we take on board customer feedback.  It is very easy to make software difficult to adopt through addition of features with a lack of care or by ignoring support issues.  For example we first had issues with Participants signing up so we simplified the registration process and now we never have support queries on this.  We still have the complete profile for the Participants to fill in but they only need to do this when they are registered and at their discretion. Give it a go and sign up yourself!


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