Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Customer Inspired Changes

The Market Dojo engineering team have been busy again.  This time cranking out some features requested by our favourite people - our customers.

We love to hear what our customers think, as they often bring a new perspective and always have suggestions based on their real world use of Market Dojo.

So from today...

1. Event hosts will be able to attach several documents to a single message.
This will make it easier to communicate messages which relate to several documents (for example to remind participants to sign NDA’s).
A message including two documents

2. It will be even clearer when a Participant needs to be accepted to an Event.  
We will use a 'notification' (a red circle with a number in it) on the Participants tab to show how many participants are awaiting acceptance. This will ensure that Hosts can quickly give access to their Participants, whilst maintaining a rigorous approval process.

A notification that one action is required on the participants tab

3. The list of participants will load faster.  
For Events with a very large number of participants, the detailed list of information about them should load more quickly.  This should really help out our expert users who invite 600+ participants to their events!


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