Friday, 17 October 2014

A round-up of our conference season

The last 4 weeks have been exceptionally busy for us all at Market Dojo as we firmly enter into the conference season! 

eWorld September 2014
Firstly we exhibited at the eWorld event on the 24th September, where one of our clients, Milla from Creative Education (seen above), held a talk on how to encourage innovative solutions with suppliers using social media to create best value for both parties.  The talk was very well received, as echoed by Supply Management in their article here. 

The rest of the event flew by in a blur as usual.  There were plenty of familiar faces plus a few new ones as well.  We heard mixed reviews on the quality of the talks, with the usual feedback that some sponsors just can't help but use the center stage as a chance to sell their solutions instead of engaging their audience with novel ideas and approaches.

As always we ran the prize draw for our customary one month eSourcing licence, which was won by Mark Revell at East Thames Group:
CIPS Annual Conference

Just a week later we found ourselves once again manning the stand, this time in the recently opened 155 Bishopsgate venue on Liverpool St.   

And what an excellent venue it was, spaciously spread out over one level with the conference rooms feeding directly off the main exhibition and catering space.  The food was tremendous, especially the ham and cheese toastie with a fried egg on top served in canapé proportions!

Both delegates and sponsors have to pay to attend this conference, and you could tell judging by the quality of the entire event, from the venue to the food to the speakers.  Many delegates had travelled far and wide, particularly from regions with a growing CIPS presence such as Africa and the Middle East.  

There was even a 'celebrity' talk to round the event off, given by Jay Rayner, a regular judge on Masterchef.  His presentation focused on debunking the myths in food supply chain and was an excellent light-hearted way to end the day.  

The winner of our free prize draw this time was none other than Kemi Ore from Trinity-Led Ventures.  Congrats Kemi!

Procurement Summit 2014

To round off our exhibiting this side of 2015, you'll be able to find us in Manchester at the Procurement Summit event on the 11th November.  Please do visit our stand to learn what new features we've been working on and of course to drop your name in the hat for our unique prize draw worth £500!

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