Monday, 13 October 2014

Complex eSourcing with our Lot Matrix, what do you think? (see our videos)

Two years of development has resulted in our most ambitious release yet. The Lot Matrix allows you to build very complex sourcing events, very easily. Here are some videos, please have a look and let us know what you think?
Introducing the Lot Matrix - General overview
Creating advanced lots - How to create a complex sourcing event
Managing an event with advanced lots - What does a live event look like
Bidding in an advanced lot - How does a participant bid
Lot Matrix Demo - See the whole process to music
Our Lot Matrix allows you to build complex lots with different line items, components and include totals with bespoke calculations. You essentially start with a cell and grow a full matrix around this to cope with almost any scenario. You can create different unit of measure sets, chose which cells are ranked and we will be releasing mutli currency very soon and transformation bidding close after. As always we make things simple from the participant bidding side with excel upload and the host has the ability to see all the detail in real time during an auction. You can read more here.

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