Thursday, 22 January 2015

Effixens and Market Dojo partner up to increase coverage in the French market

We are really excited to welcome Effixens as our partner to offer our leading eProcurement tools into the French market.   Read on to hear their formal press release.

Effixens strengthens its services around eProcurement.  They have signed a distribution agreement for France from the cloud provider, Market Dojo, across their whole product range.

Market Dojo’s e-Sourcing solution - a comprehensive eTendering solution which includes an extensive eAuction capability;

Innovation Dojo - helps create two way collaboration with companies and their suppliers to develop and prioritise new ideas;

Category Dojo  - assists buyers in better understanding their spend categories and also finding new opportunities.

Anne-Marie Guillemoteau, Effixens president says, "We were initially looking for a tool for the French SMEs who do not normally invest in e-Sourcing due to complexity or cost. We’ve performed lots of tests on Market Dojo’s tools. This solution applies to companies which have neither the time nor the budget for conducting a traditional project, and also appeals to companies wishing to test the use of a tool for complex tenders or auctions."

According to Jean Michel Mabille, co-founder of Effixens "These solutions do not have a comparable competitor in today’s market. For example, there are no implementation challenges, very little training required and this is all combined with well-defined functionality in a user-friendly interface."

One of Market Dojo’s strengths is that it offers a flexible pricing solution.  This allows either the purchase of one or more licenses on a minimum term of one month, or on an event basis.

Alun Rafique, co-founder of Market Dojo mentions, "We have had fantastic success within the UK market and it is the time to start realising our potential abroad.  Effixens are a great partner to help us achieve success in the French market."

Press contact:
tel. : + 33 (0) 644 038 960


Effixens is a consulting company specializing in assisting with the implementation of ERP and Information Systems in the areas of purchasing and logistics. Based in Laval (53) and Paris (75), it was founded in 2011 by Anne-Marie Guillemoteau and Jean-Michel Mabille.

About Market Dojo:

Market Dojo is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider who specialises in eSourcing software. Their solutions cover eTendering as well as innovation and opportunity analysis.  Based in Bristol, UK, it was founded by Nick Drewe, Alun Rafique and Nicholas Martin.

A brand new application of the reverse auction

The concept of the reverse auction has been around for close to 20 years and is a well-known approach to negotiating effectively with multiple suppliers.   

However, the Morning Star Scholarship Foundation utilised the reverse auction for an entirely new and creative concept that we have not encountered before – to negotiate scholarships towards tuition fees!  Read on to learn more about this innovative idea lead by Mike Sertic and his colleagues at the Morning Star Scholarship Foundation.

The Morning Star Company is the world’s leading tomato ingredient processor, supplying approximately 40% of the U.S. industrial tomato paste and diced tomato markets. 

They operate the Morning Star Scholarship Foundation, a charitable organisation that provides tuition grants to Morning Star colleagues (parents) to help fund their child’s switch from public to private or home school education, a very noble cause.

The Foundation was looking for a way to increase the number of scholarships they could offer to parents within the $15,000 funding allowance that was periodically available. 

They decided to contact Market Dojo, an e-Sourcing software provider focusing on user adoption, to try a closed-market auction as a solution to this, by letting parents compete in a reverse auction to determine their willingness to secure a grant. 

The concept was that the auction would begin at a maximum grant of $3,000 per child, at which point the total available pot of $15,000 would provide 5 scholarships.   However, because there would be more parents bidding than there were available grants, parents could use the ranked auction as an opportunity to bid incrementally lower amounts to ensure themselves of a top 5 position and secure a grant. The difference between the $3,000 opening bid and the bid offered by the parent would be paid for by the parent themself

For example, assuming the cost of the child’s tuition was $3,000, if a parent bid $2,700 to stay within the top 5 places, the parent would be committing to contribute $300 of their own money towards their child’s education, with $2,700 coming directly from the Morning Star Foundation.

The auction would continue until it hit a point where the average grant across the top 6 spots equalled $2,500.  For this amount, the $15,000 total fund would now be able to provide 6 scholarships in total, hence any parent ranked in the top 6 spots would be granted a scholarship for their child.  Should the auction reach an average of $2,142 across the top 7 spots, there would be 7 scholarships on offer, and so on.  Parents were to be notified of the news via the messaging facility in the application. 

Since the parents who were bidding in the auction were essentially consumers and not e-Procurement professionals, it was essential that the software was extremely easy to use and consumer-friendly.  Mike Sertic, who managed the process for Morning Star in a highly adept manner, conducted a series of trials to ensure everyone was up to speed with the concept:

"Prior to the auction, we utilized the neat "Sandpit" feature within Market Dojo for colleagues to practice and also held an informational webcast about the Foundation and auction process."

Absorbing all the feedback from the trials, two live auctions were conducted in late March over a 48 hour duration involving 16 competing parents in total.  Each auction represented a pot of $15,000, which when combined would be able to provide 10 scholarships.  Upon completion of the two auctions, which received over 270 bids, we were delighted to hear from Mike:

"This year we will be awarding $28,789 for a total of 14 scholarships. We hope that in the future, even more colleagues will make the switch to private or home school.  The Morning Star Foundation’s effort in implementing this program was made much easier by the folks at Market Dojo.”

Parents were equally supportive of the process, filling in the Market Dojo post-auction survey with very encouraging comments:

Awesome way to be fair to all colleagues!”, “It is a very generous offer that others could benefit from” and “The process is very user-friendly”.

This was an excellent achievement and only made possible through the team's vision in taking an existing process and modifying it for new solutions.  Mike and his colleagues have used this novel approach to enable an additional 4 children, bringing the total to 14 children, to benefit from the generosity of the Morning Star Scholarship Foundation this year.

As for the reverse auction, it’s great to see innovative ways for it to be used.

About: Market Dojo provides accessible eSourcing software. Find out more at

Friday, 9 January 2015

Odesma Ltd and Market Dojo Announce Alliance

Here is some exciting news of our new alliance with Odesma, as first published on their website here.  However you can read about it below.
By Ed Cross on Thursday, January 8th, 2015.

Odesma Ltd are pleased to announce their first partnership with leading e-Sourcing SaaS solution provider Market Dojo. The agreement will give Odesma, its customers and network the opportunity to utilise a best of breed, easy to use procurement sourcing solution to deliver value from third party spend fast and efficiently.

Nick Drewe; Co-Founder of Market Dojo said: “We are hugely excited to be partnering with Odesma to support them with this novel business model.  The team behind Odesma have such a fantastic track record and passion for procurement best practice that we are very proud to have been selected as their technology partner”.

Ed Cross; Managing Director, Odesma Ltd stated: “We view Market Dojo‘s solution as having all of the facets required in today’s market to deliver breakthrough value from third party spend. The solution is incredibly practical, founded on real World experience and very easy to use”.

Odesma is a new breed of advisory business whose goal is to help clients create immediate and sustainable improvements in the performance of their business. This is done through a combination of experience and application of the best talent and technology in the market. Business & procurement solutions are enabled through the unique Procurement PeopleCloud TM.

Market Dojo is a dynamic UK company that offers intelligent procurement applications, covering eSourcing, Opportunity Assessment and Innovation, that are affordable and on-demand.

For further information, please contact:
Odesma Ltd                                              
Ed Cross, Co-Founder.  Steve Trainor, Co-Founder
Tel: 0161 433 7833
Nick Drewe, Co-Founder,
Tel: 0117 230 9200,