Thursday, 22 January 2015

Effixens and Market Dojo partner up to increase coverage in the French market

We are really excited to welcome Effixens as our partner to offer our leading eProcurement tools into the French market.   Read on to hear their formal press release.

Effixens strengthens its services around eProcurement.  They have signed a distribution agreement for France from the cloud provider, Market Dojo, across their whole product range.

Market Dojo’s e-Sourcing solution - a comprehensive eTendering solution which includes an extensive eAuction capability;

Innovation Dojo - helps create two way collaboration with companies and their suppliers to develop and prioritise new ideas;

Category Dojo  - assists buyers in better understanding their spend categories and also finding new opportunities.

Anne-Marie Guillemoteau, Effixens president says, "We were initially looking for a tool for the French SMEs who do not normally invest in e-Sourcing due to complexity or cost. We’ve performed lots of tests on Market Dojo’s tools. This solution applies to companies which have neither the time nor the budget for conducting a traditional project, and also appeals to companies wishing to test the use of a tool for complex tenders or auctions."

According to Jean Michel Mabille, co-founder of Effixens "These solutions do not have a comparable competitor in today’s market. For example, there are no implementation challenges, very little training required and this is all combined with well-defined functionality in a user-friendly interface."

One of Market Dojo’s strengths is that it offers a flexible pricing solution.  This allows either the purchase of one or more licenses on a minimum term of one month, or on an event basis.

Alun Rafique, co-founder of Market Dojo mentions, "We have had fantastic success within the UK market and it is the time to start realising our potential abroad.  Effixens are a great partner to help us achieve success in the French market."

Press contact:
tel. : + 33 (0) 644 038 960


Effixens is a consulting company specializing in assisting with the implementation of ERP and Information Systems in the areas of purchasing and logistics. Based in Laval (53) and Paris (75), it was founded in 2011 by Anne-Marie Guillemoteau and Jean-Michel Mabille.

About Market Dojo:

Market Dojo is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider who specialises in eSourcing software. Their solutions cover eTendering as well as innovation and opportunity analysis.  Based in Bristol, UK, it was founded by Nick Drewe, Alun Rafique and Nicholas Martin.


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