Thursday, 5 March 2015

eWorld March 2015 - A Procurement Rookie's Perspective

As of Monday 2nd March, I became Market Dojo’s first official employee and the very next day, my knowledge and skills were put to the test as I awoke to my alarm at 4am for my journey to eWorld!

Market Dojo has attended nine eWorlds to date, however this was my very first visit to the exhibition. Coming from a marketing background with little experience of the Procurement industry, I found the day incredibly insightful, extremely beneficial and as I wandered round the stands, chatting to various suppliers/competitors/partners, everyone was really friendly and keen to teach me about the ins and outs of the world of Procurement.

As we made our way from Westminster tube to the conference, I was introduced to Mr Peter Smith from Spend Matters, whom we later got a chance to show our new Lot Matrix to, and we carried on our merry way to the conference. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a free gammon roll (many thanks to the eWorld team), a cup of coffee and began to load our stand up with our promotional material. We shared our stand with one of our partners, the consultancy firm Baker Wanless, and I met one of the consultants, the lovely Angela Olszewska.

A fantastic stream of people passed by the stand as we were situated next to the entrance.  As a result, we were never at a loss for people to speak to, demo to and just generally chat to about our love of e-sourcing and e-auctions!

I attended a talk by Tania Seary of Procurious about the benefits of Social Media to the Procurement world and watched her handle some pretty tough questioning from a few fellow  listeners which opened up an interesting debate.

As far as conferences and trade shows go, I have attended a few in my time in various sectors of business and this BY FAR has been one of the most dynamic, welcoming and (most importantly) successful that I have experienced.

We look forward to following up with all the people we met and bring on eWorld 2015! 

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  1. Thanks Anya, it was great to meet you and glad you had a great time. See you next time.

    eWorld team

    1. Thanks Lydia!

      It was lovely to meet you! And definitely looking forward to September 22nd!

  2. Milla Harloff-Bernyk6 March 2015 at 05:48

    Great addition to Market DoJo team. Was a pleasure to meet you Anya.
    Unless you are open, honest and approacheable you can't join. )
    Loved workshop with Lucy, Lydia. Great find.

    1. Thank you Milla! It was really great to meet you too! I hope I meet the criteria! :)