Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The cross functional nature of marketing

A traditional view on marketing was to simply split it by indirect and direct marketing.  Indirect is where you are not going direct to a client and direct is where you are. Both are there to create leads. Sales would be the conversion of those leads to opportunities and hopefully sales.

However, increasingly we will see terms out there such as inbound marketing and search engine optimization.

Are these terms just re-badging of the traditional all encompassing models for specific areas.  For example, Inbound marketing is a mixture of picking off parts of indirect marketing (i.e. landing pages) and direct marketing (i.e. email automation). SEO is simply about improving your organic search.  

So it might be useful to put together an all encompassing, collectively exhaustive table. It is also helpful to cross reference how the various techniques can help with your strategy.

Indirect marketing tactics can help with your overall game plan in one of four ways.  Three of these are related to how people find you: through paid ads, referrals or backlinks, organic search. The fourth one refers to how prospects interact with your website.

Each of the various Indirect tactics can affect your different strategic imperatives.  To give you some examples:

Social media and video can obviously help with your referrals from youtube. They can be used embedded in the paid ads or on your website.  Also as google analyses their website traffic, this will ultimately help with organic search.

Landing pages are great for specific adverts but can also help with specific content on your website and as above ultimately help with organic search.

Keyword density is really focused on assisting with organic search improvements and again with website conversion through appropriate content.

All in all it takes a hand in each of these tactics to improve your marketing strategies.  There is no magic bullet (unless you hit that viral masterpiece - good luck!)

We live in times where search engines are looking for good content that attracts and engages visitors, and keeps them on your site.  The strategies you focus on and the tactics you use need to be examined with constant care where quality is more important than quantity.

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Friday, 5 June 2015

HomeServe Identify Savings Opportunities of £1.9 Million following the Implementation of Market Dojo’s eAuction Platform.

Market Dojo strive to make procurement professionals’ lives easier by providing innovative cloud-based eSourcing tools. Founded in 2010 by procurement professionals, and having received three grants for innovation, Market Dojo’s main focus is enabling better adoption for both the buyer and the suppliers. 

Jadon Silva, Director of UK Procurement, spearheaded the implementation of this software at HomeServe with the first auction taking place in April 2015.  Following HomeServe’s first three auctions, savings of £1.9 million have been identified.

HomeServe was formed in 1993.  Its mission is to be the UK’s leading home assistance company. The scope of services they provide ranges from plumbing and drainage emergencies, locksmith services and gas boiler repair.
With a growing network of experienced engineers, HomeServe provide a reliable service across the globe, with operations in the UK, US, France, Italy, Spain and further afield. 

Jadon Silva and the team at HomeServe have identified a number of reverse auction opportunities by using Market Dojo. Through these, the home assistance experts plan to generate even greater savings, which will hopefully carve the path for a fully adopted eSourcing approach. 

Two separate categories have so far been auctioned. The first was for the supply of envelopes which took place in a single day and comprised of three ranked auctions to supply the UK, France and Spain. Ranked auctions allow participants to see their position in the auction, relative to other participants. They really encourage competition amongst suppliers and are the most commonly known and widely used e-auctions that take place. 

Market Dojo attended  HomeServe’s head office in Walsall for the first auctions where a phenomenal value of £500k was saved, working out at 30% of what the company were previously paying. 

The second category was for the supply of various subcontracted services, which encompassed four auctions across 20 different regions of the UK. The slightly more aggressive Japanese auction style was used and over 140 suppliers were invited to take part in each auction. Each of the suppliers were able to bid on any of the regions, which were created as separate Lots. Japanese auctions involve the buyer setting various bid levels for each lot, which the suppliers then have to accept within a certain time period. Once this time period passes, a lower price level is designated. This process repeats until the last participant declines a bid level or the time runs out. 

Through Jadon’s resilience to push the Japanese e-auction agenda, HomeServe saved a staggering £1.4m.  Additionally, negotiation processes which may have taken weeks or months, were completed in a matter of hours.

With success resonating across HomeServe, Market Dojo looks forward to continuing to build a long-standing relationship with the home assistance provider. 

Commenting on the savings achieved, Jadon says; “It is great that we can extract this value from smarter procurement initiatives.  The subcontractor network may have fallen into the complex category, which often doesn't favour e-auctions.  However, with the correct communication, due diligence and controls, we have proved that the e-auction methodology can still be a success.”

Alun Rafique, co-founder of Market Dojo mentions ”We are delighted to see another company bring eSourcing in-house with such ease and uncover large savings.  Jadon has shown how eSourcing can be successfully adopted by his team of buyers and their diverse range of suppliers.”

When asked what HomeServe would do with the savings, Jadon replied; “The savings we make allow HomeServe to invest in what is really important to us as a business.  Customer experience is at the heart of what we do. We aim to be at the forefront of new technology, which aligns with providing our customers effortless service.”

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Some more generous client feedback

In case you missed it, we recently enhanced our Case Study page.  

This included a neat filter option to help our visitors zone into the segment of interest, be it Private or Public sector, Charities or Consultancies.  Give it a try here.

We've also added a number of new case studies for you to read.  Some highlights include:

Our partner eQuiddity / BakerWanless talk about how we've forged a close partnership over the last few years helping both our companies grow stronger.  

Milla Harloff-Bernyk from Creative Education shares her insight into the challenges faced by procurement teams within an SME and how user-friendliness drove the adoption within the company.

And lastly ABM Global Solutions' advisory team discuss how important support and frequent developments are to the on-going success of the eSourcing approach.

We hope you find them useful and of course should you have any specific questions about our clients or the eSourcing process in general, we'd love to hear from you.

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