Monday, 24 August 2015

Market Dojo and UNIC ONE partner to strengthen our offering to the German Market


We are delighted to announce our partnership with UNIC ONE in Germany.

UNIC ONE brings a wealth of procurement experience in Europe's largest economy.  Marianne Haack who leads the procurement organisation at UNIC ONE, has previously worked for organisations including Novartis and Sun Microsystems.

This will greatly strengthen the portfolio which Market Dojo offers to customers in Germany.

It means that UNIC ONE can also offer to their customers the Market Dojo solutions. This will compliment the consultancy and training service already provided by UNIC ONE.

Nicholas Martin; Co-Founder of Market Dojo said:
“Market Dojo has seen strong demand from the German market this year. We have been working closely with UNIC ONE and our existing German customers. As a result with have made a number of improvements to our product. We are very excited about the potential to build on this success and having a local partner will be a huge benefit.”

Marianne Haack; UNIC ONE said:
“We chose to partner with Market Dojo as we were attracted by their ease of use and simplicity. We believe the combination of our expertise with Market Dojo product will give a great solution for our customers in Germany’.

If you would like to learn more about UNIC ONE, you can get in touch via their website -

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Friday, 21 August 2015

Enter Our Sept 2015 eWorld Competition

It feels like only yesterday we packed up our stand at eWorld in March, but with just 31 days to go until we gather again to hear about the latest innovation and technology in the procurement landscape, it's time to dust off the old suit and tie for the 30th eWorld conference.

The Market Dojo team will be there in force and lots has happened since we last met at Westminster. 
We also had an intern, Alex Mahe, who spent 10 weeks with us and created some really cool new designs. We shall reveal these at the upcoming conference, not to mention SIMdojo, our impending On-boarding tool.
We also decided to shake things up a little by borrowing the newly popular 'penny bid' auction concept from the likes of MadBid, DealDash etc. in which the last person to bid wins. 
We're holding a 'Lowest Unique Bid' competition via our eSourcing platform in which entrants will be asked to place a bid between £0 and £2 (inclusive).

The lucky winner will have the (uniquely placed) lowest value bid and shall be announced at eWorld, bagging themselves an iPad Mini and a month’s licence for our eSourcing platform.

How to enter:

1. Register as a participant on marketdojo.

2. Activate your account by clicking the link in the email.

3. Use the code below to access the event invitation:

4. Accept invite and place your lowest unique bid (£0-£2).

1. One Month licence of marketdojo + an iPad mini.

2. One Month licence of marketdojo .

For full T&Cs visit  our competition page.

Good luck everyone. Look forward to seeing you at eWorld!

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Friday, 14 August 2015

Yeah but, no but, yeah...introducing dynamic questions!

Our development team have been at it again with the release of another new feature asked for by our loyal clients.

Dynamic questions

When asking people to complete paper-based forms, you typically see the instruction, "If you answered No to this question, please proceed to Section 4" or something like that. 

Well, now in our eSourcing tool, you can set up some intelligence in your surveys/RFIs/RFPs etc. to automatically present the participants with the questions that are still relevant to them. 

Setting up a dynamic question
It works with any question that has a prescribed set of answers, such as Yes/No, Pick from a list or multiple choice.  You define what further questions appear based on the answers chosen by the participant.

From the participant view, the new questions appear dynamically to ensure they don't miss a step.  You can set whether the dynamic question is mandatory, so when you ask the participant to complete the metaphorical Section 4, they really have to do this to be able to submit their response.

It also works with scored questionnaires, despite giving us some mathematical challenges!  

Give us a call if you want to know more, otherwise we'll leave you with Vicky Pollard and her unerring ability to make every question look dynamic!

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

French Trainee - A last blog from the way back

Last week we bid a fond farewell to our intern Alex who spent 9 glorious weeks at Market Dojo HQ. Whilst here he worked on translation of the website, wrote content for the blog and spent a lot of time creating wonderful graphics for us.He was a great asset to the team and we wish him all the best in the future. Thank you Alex! Here is his parting blog:

I will have long-lasting memories of my experience at Market Dojo. In addition to the relaxed and enjoyable working atmosphere, the team often liked the work I did.

After leaving, a part of me will stay with Marketdojo, and for a while, through my design creations, a part of Market Dojo will also stay with me.

Nicholas, Alun and Nick set up a marketing campaign called “Be the e-Sourcing HERO”.  One of my tasks was to put a face into this idea and create various marketing materials. Very soon, you will discover this campaign at the e-World exhibition on 22nd September 2015 where Marketdojo will unveil its new hero.

Anya McKenna (Sales and Marketing Executive) will also take care of spreading the word through various social networks, such as Linkedin, Twitter, or even Facebook .

Here is a small foretaste of the appearance of the hero:
Creating the hero, the banner and the poster was simply a part of my internship. However, my CAD knowledge has been truly tested. Dozens of tests and patterns were needed in order to achieve a result satisfying all Market Dojo members.
This experience enabled me to understand how the validation process of a communication support in the professional world is long and rigorous. Everything can still be improved.

Some of my other missions, such as the translation of the website in French, could appear as less cool. Nevertheless they were just as beneficial as the design stuff. In my opinion, it is one of the best ways to learn English and especially procurement vocabulary. Which has been useful in every day life in Marketdojo. Even if I was not there long enough to become “The e-Sourcing HERO”, I was able to come up with a commandment for  procurement: “Buy French.”

My main objective was to write “Fluent in English” on my CV at the end of my stay in the UK.  Although, I may have set the bar too high. A future experience will be required to reach this expected level. However, and fortunately the next exam to to join a top Business School should now be achievable.

My internship at this small Start-up has allowed me to interact a lot with people. I had my first opportunity to participate in a professional meeting (party? Congress? I don’t remember the word) where I discovered another interesting side of the English business environment.  

I would like to thank every member of Marketdojo for their welcome, for their help and for their happiness.. I know that this experience will have been incredibly beneficial for my career. I definitely recommend this Start-up to any motivated young Business graduate.

Alex  -  former CED (Chief Executive Designer) of Marketdojo

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

5 years of eSourcing

Over the weekend, we surpassed our 5th year since our memorable incorporation on the 2nd August 2010. 

There have been a number of fantastic achievements since our previous birthday that we'd like to share with you to mark this occasion:


Over the last 12 months our number of Host registrations has grown by 53% whilst our number of paying customers has seen an amazing increase of 104%!

As ever this is a healthy mix of public, private and third sector customers, both large and small.

A selection of recent clients

Over the last 12 months we have brought some key skills in-house.  Predominantly our focus has been on Sales and Marketing, with Anya joining us in March, and a vacancy for our Account Executive role currently up for grabs.

With growth comes the need for new premises and that was another highlight for the year with our new home in Westend Offices in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside.

Westend Offices near Stroud
Thankfully we don't have to house everyone we work with.  Over the last year we've penned partnership agreements spanning the UK, Germany, France, Eastern Europe, Central America, US, Canada, Italy and the Middle East.  Our partners are doing a fantastic job of representing our brand, inviting us along to support their efforts including a memorable trip to the CIPS conference in Abu Dhabi.


Since our 4th birthday, we promised on our delivery of the Lot Matrix capability on the back of our LEP grant.   Many of our customers have given it whirl, eSourcing anything from office furniture, pipelines, wire harnessing, disposal units, mobile telecomms, print consumables, travel management etc.  Feedback so far has been fantastic, enabling our tool to really compete with the more sophisticated outfits, yet still for just £500 per month!

To keep up with our partners, we've released several new languages onto the site, including Slovenian and an improved German.  We're also due to release Italian, Spanish, Croatian and Hungarian over the coming months.

Multi-evaluator scoring to collaborate as a team on proposals

The last 6 months have been hugely busy, pushing on with a brand new module - our fourth - courtesy of yet another client collaboration.  More to come on that later this summer in time for a September eWorld announcement, though one part of it was to include multi-evaluator scoring which we're delighted to have released in July. 

And finally...

Some other achievements include the selection of Market Dojo as a "2015 Great Supply Chain Partner" by the world's most comprehensive supply chain management information resource, Supply Chain Brain.

Also a big congratulations to co-founder Nick Drewe for becoming a father after the birth of his daughter, Juniper.

Already 4 months old!

So in summary it has been a fantastic year with a number of key milestones that have given us a stable platform to expand.  We are truly excited by what lies in store.

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