Thursday, 6 August 2015

French Trainee - A last blog from the way back

Last week we bid a fond farewell to our intern Alex who spent 9 glorious weeks at Market Dojo HQ. Whilst here he worked on translation of the website, wrote content for the blog and spent a lot of time creating wonderful graphics for us.He was a great asset to the team and we wish him all the best in the future. Thank you Alex! Here is his parting blog:

I will have long-lasting memories of my experience at Market Dojo. In addition to the relaxed and enjoyable working atmosphere, the team often liked the work I did.

After leaving, a part of me will stay with Marketdojo, and for a while, through my design creations, a part of Market Dojo will also stay with me.

Nicholas, Alun and Nick set up a marketing campaign called “Be the e-Sourcing HERO”.  One of my tasks was to put a face into this idea and create various marketing materials. Very soon, you will discover this campaign at the e-World exhibition on 22nd September 2015 where Marketdojo will unveil its new hero.

Anya McKenna (Sales and Marketing Executive) will also take care of spreading the word through various social networks, such as Linkedin, Twitter, or even Facebook .

Here is a small foretaste of the appearance of the hero:
Creating the hero, the banner and the poster was simply a part of my internship. However, my CAD knowledge has been truly tested. Dozens of tests and patterns were needed in order to achieve a result satisfying all Market Dojo members.
This experience enabled me to understand how the validation process of a communication support in the professional world is long and rigorous. Everything can still be improved.

Some of my other missions, such as the translation of the website in French, could appear as less cool. Nevertheless they were just as beneficial as the design stuff. In my opinion, it is one of the best ways to learn English and especially procurement vocabulary. Which has been useful in every day life in Marketdojo. Even if I was not there long enough to become “The e-Sourcing HERO”, I was able to come up with a commandment for  procurement: “Buy French.”

My main objective was to write “Fluent in English” on my CV at the end of my stay in the UK.  Although, I may have set the bar too high. A future experience will be required to reach this expected level. However, and fortunately the next exam to to join a top Business School should now be achievable.

My internship at this small Start-up has allowed me to interact a lot with people. I had my first opportunity to participate in a professional meeting (party? Congress? I don’t remember the word) where I discovered another interesting side of the English business environment.  

I would like to thank every member of Marketdojo for their welcome, for their help and for their happiness.. I know that this experience will have been incredibly beneficial for my career. I definitely recommend this Start-up to any motivated young Business graduate.

Alex  -  former CED (Chief Executive Designer) of Marketdojo

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