Friday, 9 October 2015

CIPS 2015 - Procurement, Biscuits and Emotional Inteligence

The Market Dojo team arrived at the Grange Tower hotel for the annual CIPS conference just in time for registration and the keynote speech from Dr John Glen of the Cranfield School of Management. We setup next to the main lift, stairway and mostly importantly the lunch area. Once the stand was setup, it looked very cool with our #BeEsourcingHero accompanying us.
The delegates were kept busy with the very interesting programme of events that CIPS had lined up such as the one from JCA Global entitled ‘The Hard Case for Soft Skills’ and covered  what it means to be  emotional intelligent within the workplace.
Being a proactive company we maximised every opportunity we could to strike up some very interesting conversations with our neighboring stand Supply Management such as  ‘Is a Twix a biscuit or a chocolate bar?’ (More on this to follow…)
We ran our competition for a month’s licence of our eSourcing software as a prize. The lucky winner was the delightful Kay Lee from Northamptonshire Police. We look forward to seeing her achieve some huge savings with our intuitive eSourcing platform!
The conference ended with some welcome drinks, kindly sponsored by RS Components.

It was great to make some great new contacts and we appreciate the time everyone spent chatting to us.  If you didn’t get a chance to visit our stand at the conference feel free to request a web demo ASAP or have a browse over our website or blog to learn more about what we do and how we can help you.

About: Market Dojo provides accessible eSourcing software. Find out more at


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