Thursday, 15 September 2016

Supply Management Awards 2016 - congrats to Odesma!

It is with a fuzzy head that I am writing this blog to commemorate the fantastic evening that we enjoyed at the Supply Management Awards courtesy of our consultancy partner Odesma  

Odesma were rightly shortlisted for "Best Procurement Consultancy Project of the Year" for the fantastic work their team did with Aggreko over the past 12 or so months. Considering how early Odesma is on their own journey, it's an amazing achievement, particularly as they faced tough competition with Efficio and Jaguar Land Rover.


...they won!!! Nick Ford, one of the Directors of Odesma pictured holding the award above, made the comparison between them winning the award and Leicester City Football Club winning the Premier League last season - if only I had taken a bet! 

A huge proportion of the success was of course down to the incredible team of experts that were rapidly assembled to deliver the project, a few of which were able to make it on the night to join comedian Ed Byrne on the stage.  

Ed Byrne was pretty good actually, making some oft-heard jibes at us Procurement folk for cost cutting such as not turning the Air Con on for the enormous room that held over 1000 of us.  He also called out the Heathrow Airport table for wanting to expand into the neighbouring tables! 

Anyhow, back to the celebration:

(the plastic object in the middle is the award, not a bottle of Vodka!)

We also felt special to be a part of this as we got a call-out in this winning project for the "use of a cutting-edge eSourcing tool". More of that to follow at our seminar at eWorld later this month.   

There was also a band with a cracking singer, provoking plenty of Dad dancing - I won't name names!  

I'll leave you with one more photo from the evening, most likely snapped once most of the champagne had been consumed!

A huge thank you to Ed, Nick & Steve of Odesma for inviting us to join in their revelry, and to all the guests on the table that helped make it such an enjoyable evening.

Congratulations once more and look forward to what may transpire in the next 12 months! 

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