Thursday, 13 October 2016

5 ways leading CPO’s are looking to embrace procurement technology

Deloitte recently published their Global CPO Survey 2016, where over 300 leading procurement professionals from 33 countries were questioned on key issues. The full report can be found here. 

This year there was a particular focus on emerging technologies in the procurement space and the value that they can provide to procurement functions.

We have identified 5 of their key findings.

  1. 45% of CPO’s are looking to embrace cloud technology
  2. 70% of CPO’s are focussing on self-service solutions with user engagement and experience high priorities.
  3. 40% have identified a clear digital strategy
  4. Cost reduction was a top 4 priority amongst 74% of respondents (did someone say eAuctions!)
  5. 30% are looking to implement an eSourcing solution and 11% a Supplier Information Management tool
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We are very encouraged that CPO’s have identified the importance of technology in achieving their procurement goals. The thoughts captured above echo the very principles upon which Market Dojo was created; an intuitive cloud-based eSourcing solution with a strong focus on self-service leading to wide adoption and utilisation. Hopefully, this makes us well placed as CPO’s look to implement their vision for digital solutions.

Market Dojo helps procurement professionals negotiate better with our on-demand eSourcing tools. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch or register for free and play around with our software for yourself!


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