Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Responsive Design for Market Dojo

Market Dojo has now rolled out the responsive design for our flagship product, Market Dojo. This is designed to be optimised visually across all computer, smartphone and small tablet devices to maximise the user experience and interface.

Screenshot of the new responsive design for a multi-lined RFQ
You can now use the responsive design for Market Dojo through our platform by logging in at

Alternatively, you can revert to the old design by going to Any events created or actions made within the tool on either the responsive design or the old design will be consistent within the platforms.

Screenshot of the existing design for a multi-lined auction

In a short time, the site hosting the existing design will be removed and will only run through the fully implemented responsive design. The responsive design has been built and designed in-house to ensure the consistency of the platform but with a refreshed visual design.

Key features of the Responsive Design
    • Data is consistent with that used on the live platform
    • Optimised for all mobile and smartphone devices
    • Improved reading experience
    • Enhanced auction analysis
    • Easy-to-use design

If you wish to continue to use our existing design, just login at and the data will be consistent with that of the tool in the responsive design platform. This functionality will only be available for a limited period of time and if you wish for more information contact us at 

A key focus of the responsive design is giving users a better experience of the tool, offering users the ability to take onboard more information than ever before.

Nicholas Martin, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder of Market Dojo said:

"As the use of mobile devices and tablets continue to grow rapidly, so does the range of devices and screen sizes on which people are using our tools. Our new responsive design allows users to reach critical content faster with a refreshed design that adapts to their device. 

"It is only thanks to our fantastically dedicated team and incredible clients that we have been able to do this. We will be eternally grateful for all of those who have given us their continual support and look very much forward to rolling this out to become the live platform."

For more information, contact us at

Market Dojo helps procurement professionals negotiate better with our on-demand eSourcing tools. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch or register for free and play around with our software for yourself!

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