Thursday, 20 July 2017

Market Dojo Release New Host Tutorials

Market Dojo has recently created a range of guides, research and tutorials that will assist hosts and participants to get the most out of the Market Dojo tool. 

The collection of guides includes process guides, category selection guides, business cases, sourcing guides and alternative negotiation approaches. These guides are available to download online but require users to sign up for free

However, for those looking for tutorials, the new collection includes bespoke recordings of new features and capabilities within the new responsive design.

The below list includes those new tutorials for hosts to help you get started and understand how to get the most out of the Market Dojo software.

Creating a new sourcing event
    • Signing Up
    • Creating the Event and Event Settings
    • Creating questionnaires
    • Creating Lots
    • Creating advanced Lots
    • Uploading documents
    • Crediting an Event & our Pricing
    • Creating a quick RFQ
    • Inviting Participants

Managing a current event

    • Managing Participants
    • Making Edits
    • Managing and scoring questionnaires
    • Managing documents
    • Using the Message Board
    • Managing RFQ or Qualification Bids
    • Progressing an RFQ to an Auction
    • Managing an e-Auction
    • Japanese eAuction
    • Managing an event with advanced lots


    • Dashboard, Admin and User Profile
    • Managing your organisation with User Hierarchy
    • Creating a Portal


    • Working in the sandpit
    • 60 Seconds Sourcing
    • Introducing the Lot Matrix

You can find more videos on our Youtube Channel here.

Market Dojo helps procurement professionals negotiate better with our on-demand eSourcing tools. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch or register for free and play around with our software for yourself!


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