Monday, 6 November 2017

Misconception of Categories

There's often a misconception within procurement and eAuctioning that success with using eSourcing solutions relies heavily on the type of categories. Typically, categories such as stationery and IT equipment are thought to be more suitable for eAuctions than other complex categories. However, the auctions ran through our tool suggest differently. 

Here I have listed just a few categories which have been run through our software recently.

  • Honey and jam   
  • Condiments

  • Food can often be thought of as complex category as the specifications and health and safety regulations require careful onboarding and strict requirements from suppliers. However as shown, cupboard essentials can be run through eAuctions! So don’t rule them off too quickly, they could reap you some huge savings depending on your specification.

  • Packaging materials
  • LED lighting
  • Bar code Scanners

  • This is an easier category that is often ran through the tool. Specifications are relatively easily defined, depending on how you limit the specification. E.g. size and shape are much easier to modify, with the ability for suppliers to make this a highly competitive lot, ensuring you get the market price.

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Meat
  • Fertilisers

  • Items in this category surprisingly have been successfully sourced through eAuctions. However, tight specifications and strict onboarding protocols are essential to make this a success.

  • Gas
  • Oil

  • An especially easy category to define with a highly competitive market. However, your requirements need to be relatively sizeable to attract participants and gain substantial savings. Numerous Market Dojo clients run these categories frequently through our tool.

  • Cars
  • Boilers

  • A highly competitive market depending on specification. Potential to generate high savings if suppliers have been correctly onboarded and potentially allow suppliers to offer next best alternative. However, a company may want to stick with a particular brand, limiting your negotiation opportunities.

  • Bed mattresses
  • Garden Tools

  • These types of categories have successfully been run through the Market Dojo tool, producing high savings for many Market Dojo customers. The potential for a loose specification gives it the ability to source from numerous suppliers for increased competition and additional savings.

    The benefit of allowing users to customise their requests through questionnaires allows just about anything to be auctioned through our software. As you can see from the list, there is a variety of categories sourced through our tool. Even for more tricky categories, we offer a service to govern the onboarding processes called SIM Dojo to ensure that proper practice is met. So don't be put off running complex categories through an eAuction tool!

    If you are interested in any of the services that we provide such as Market Dojo and SIM Dojo mentioned to help run your eAuctions and govern supplier onbaording click here for more information.


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