Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Market Dojo Interview with Founding Owners of the Trending Procurement App, Scott and Leslie McBride

Our latest blog post introduces the founders of an exciting new venture for procurement news - A Trending in Procurement app. Co-Founder Leslie McBride reached out to us here at Market Dojo to introduce their application designed for procurement professionals to keep up to date with current trends, papers and news within the field and most importantly encourage collaboration between people within the industry. Read our interview with both Leslie and her co-founder/husband Scott McBride to find out more. 
Market Dojo: What made you start Trending Procurement? 

Leslie McBride: Scott approached me with the concept of a procurement app a few years ago. The procurement industry has great resources; blogs, webinars, white papers and podcasts, but at the time there were no resources available where one could access all of this information in one place. This is the essence of Trending Procurement, all of the procurement news of the day, upcoming events, etc. in one place, one app.

Scott McBride: I have been in the procurement space for approximately 12 years. One day, it hit me that this is likely to be the industry that I call home for the rest of my career and I want to have a way to be part of this community other than just an employee. I enjoy reading procurement news, blogs, and analyst papers but it’s a serious chore to visit 15 websites every day to accomplish this. Creating a free app to bring this content together is a way to solve this problem and provide a needed service to other procurement professionals.

Market Dojo: What is the aim of Trending Procurement?

Leslie McBride: The app is free to download and the content is free to users. The goal of the app is to provide access to all things procurement in one place. We aim to provide our users with diverse content and include a comprehensive industry events list where the users are even able to register to attend conferences and industry events from within our app.

Scott McBride: Every morning, when a procurement practitioner sits down at their desk and wonders, “what’s going on in procurement today?”, or, “how does [a specific news event] affect my procurement strategy?” I want Trending Procurement to be the resource they use to answer this question.

Right now, if you conduct a simple Google news search for “procurement” or “supply chain” it will return hundreds of articles written in the last few hours. Many of these articles will focus on topics that we don’t traditionally consider to be part of procurement. However, I tend to believe that the Google search is right—that everyday procurement practitioners need a fundamental understanding of many topics to continue their professional growth and relate to their colleagues adjacent to procurement. To be clear, I don’t think we will be using voice-enabled p-card robots to purchase bitcoins on a blockchain platform anytime soon. On the other hand, some of these concepts will stick around and it will draw the procurement practice closer to other departments and business processes. Trending Procurement aims to be a primary way that we continue to learn about these topics.

Market Dojo: How do you find working with your spouse?

Leslie McBride: Scott has been in the procurement world for years, so it is nice to be able to learn more about the industry from his point of view and experience. My background is in the pharmaceutical industry and I am fascinated by all the ways that procurement truly impacts all professions. The app is our creative outlet and something we enjoy working on together. Scott and I have different strengths and this becomes an advantage when brainstorming and planning for the growth of Trending Procurement.

Scott McBride: IT IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!! (you’re crazy if you think I’m going to answer this in any other way…)

Market Dojo: Where do you see Trending Procurement in 5 years?

Leslie McBride: We would like to see Trending Procurement continue to grow and provide additional content to our users. On the horizon, we would like to incorporate new ways to provide industry news to our users and continue to make access to all things procurement easy. I can’t give away all our ideas just yet…

Scott McBride: In five years, I believe we will have a very large community of users and almost certainly an expanded sense of coverage. I believe that we will continue to see the rise of automation, alternative currency growth, and fundamental technology strategies like blockchain shape our definition of procurement and I want Trending Procurement to be a tremendous resource for understanding these topics.

Market Dojo: Do you feel there is a difference between UK procurement and US procurement?

Scott McBride: The fundamental DNA of procurement professionals seems similar, but the UK does seem to have a very close procurement community. It’s also true that UK professionals have had good reason to embrace their community recently. Brexit seems to have presented massive challenges to many buying groups and my hope is that US procurement groups have taken some time to understand this issue and UK procurement’s communal response to it in case we face similar changes to US policies like NAFTA. We could have a lot to learn from each other.

Market Dojo: Would you ever consider moving to the UK?

Leslie McBride: Both Scott and I are from the Midwest in the US, so this is home and I can’t imagine relocating would be in our future.

Market Dojo: On a more topical note, what are your views on Disney buying out 21st Century Fox?

Scott McBride: It certainly has been a busy year for global news—Trump, Brexit, multiple natural disasters, the blockchain, bitcoin, etc. The Disney/Fox deal is complicated but seems to follow the trend of media consolidation. This seems like a great thing if you are concerned about studio funding for the next superhero movie, but potentially a harmful thing if you value differing editorial positions on global news topics. The truth is, with platforms like Twitter, Medium, and even LinkedIn, there’s no shortage of opinions. The problem is that these opinions are very scattered and difficult to find. This is exactly what Trending Procurement aims to remedy.

Market Dojo: And just in time for 2018, what are your new year's resolutions?

Leslie McBride: I feel like I should state the quintessential resolution response to eat healthier and exercise more, honestly though, I doubt I will follow through with either of those resolutions.

Scott McBride: I’m very bad at these. More exercise should be my resolution but I think we all know that this will end up being just slightly longer dog walks by March.

Download the app for free on Android here or for iPhone here.

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