Thursday, 4 January 2018

Take a look at the new members of Market Dojo who joined us throughout 2017…

Meet Angie Counsell our Marketing Assitant, Jon Pole our Bussiness Development Manager and Sophia Binns our Business Generation Manager.
Angie Counsell (Left), Jon Pole (Centre), Sophia Binns (Right)

What do you do at Market Dojo and how long have you worked there for?

A: I am currently on my University placement year taking on the role of a marketing assistant at Market Dojo

J: Jon Pole - Business Development Manager since December 2017.

S: My name is Sophia Binns and I am the business generation manager for Market Dojo. I joined Market Dojo December 1st, 2017! Christmas came early!

How have you found your time so far at Market Dojo and what have you found interesting?

A: I have enjoyed being able to manage my own projects and have a say in what I think should be done for various marketing activities, including choosing the venue for our last roadshow event at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

J: Yeah it's been really good and the team have been super welcoming, the thing I find most interesting is we have saved customers 1.3 billion yet we are just like a small family run business.

S: In the first week I was blown away by how lovely everyone was. Jon and I were shown the ropes and it’s so cool to see two guys who saw the problems in their industry and have taken the risky steps to change it. And the proof of this working is in the numbers. It’s really interesting to see how some people are scared of change. They’ve been using a system that is either outdated or inefficient but don’t want to take a step forward to change it. It's going to be fun as my job to help people see why change is not scary but in fact exciting.

What are you hoping to achieve in your first year?

A: Confidence when working within the workplace, professionalism and most importantly my efforts within marketing to be successful. The experience is invaluable.

J: To become a well established sales person within Market Dojo and try to smash my targets, well that’s the dream anyway.

S: My aim is to be bringing in enough leads that both Pete and Jon (the sales guys) will be inundated.

Who in your team is most likely to rule the world?

A: Deffo me

J: Sophia wishes, Angie and her sass stand a chance. But Pete would sly dog everyone.

S: Me obviously.

What one thing would you bring to the office if you could?

A: Probably an endless supply of food, because I am never not hungry.

J: A winning EuroMillions ticket.

S: Multiple Puppies. I am still working on instating an office puppy. Watch this space.

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