Thursday, 11 September 2014

An easy way to filter your categories

Last night we released a fantastic new feature for Category Dojo that will be of great help to our users with many spend categories.

Filtering categories

You can now graphically view your category hierarchy to easily see what you've created so far.  The top of each branch shows a count of categories that have been completed within it, so you can quickly establish where the most analysis has been done.
Futhermore, you can click on various branches of the tree, or even specific categories, to select or deselect them for your filter. Your selected categories will be highlighted in yellow.
Save the filter and from that point on the reports will only include your selected categories.
The filter is applied per user and so you can forever have your own unique display of results without affecting your colleagues, and vice versa.  Therefore you can use the tool to interrogate what matters most to you, whilst also seeing the bigger picture.

Continuous improvement

As well as the release of this entire feature, we also released some minor fixes and enhancements to improve our general user experience.

We hope you all enjoy the latest release and we are hugely looking forward to the next one - our Lot Matrix!

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