Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sun, eSourcing and Strategic planning- UWE and Market Dojo.

Through fortunate timing yesterday (14th April), Market Dojo was able to escape the confines of the office and make the most of the glorious sunny weather in Bristol. The purpose of our visit to Bristol was to give an informative (and fun!) lecture to the MBA students at UWE Business School involved in ‘Systems, Structures and Operations’.

We arrived at UWE business school and met with Dr Amit Mitra from from the Dept of Strategy & Operations Management for a bite of lunch in the cafeteria (and very tasty it was too) before heading to the lecture room to meet the students. 

A presentation giving an overview of Market Dojo, how the company was formed and plans for the future made up the first half of the lecture. A lot of the students had experience in areas which could be applied to Market Dojo, such as procurement, software development, business strategy. This made for some very interesting questions and great interaction throughout the afternoon.

The final hour of the session encompassed our game. In essence, the group of 26 students were split into teams of 6 and all invited to take part in a dummy reverse auction made up of 4 lots. Each student represented a supplier and their challenge was to bid on all four lots, winning the event for their company without falling below the minimum value threshold. The winning team won with two lots, still managed to make a bit of profit for the company and on top of that, received some chocolate as a prize.

Overall it was a great day for Market Dojo; we got to meet some of the next generation of potential business leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs- maybe even some future Market Dojo employees, there were a lot of questions about our product and we struck up some good debate, we also learnt a bit about how eSourcing operates in different cultures.

The students gained some insight into the application of eAuctions and eSourcing and hopefully enjoyed learning about Market Dojo’s journey as much as we enjoyed hearing from them.

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