Friday, 29 May 2015

My Summer in England - the first blog from our French intern Alex Mahé

This year, I will spend my summer holidays in the British Island. Obviously this is not the most exotic destination but I have to do this because a master in management is waiting for me and my English skills are far to be perfect.

Different missions in this promising start-up as well as the discovery of your country will be my daily life until late July.

Far from being the ultimate summer destination, I was expecting very wet weather.It has not been so bad, until now! Nevertheless, coconuts and lovely beaches are missing.

On disembarking from the ferry, I could almost believe I was in France if you were driving on the correct side of the road and if you were using “kilometres” rather than miles. The first yards driving were slightly stressful.

Fascinated by cars, I think that you, English people, have better taste in this domain. I have already seen more sports and luxury cars here in three days than in one month in France! However, you clearly lack creativity in some areas.
For example, your houses are all identical to each other. Considering the price, is it not frustrating to have the same house as your neighbour? Don’t you prefer something more personal? I find it particularly sad.

Market Dojo seems to be more creative. I was surprised when I discovered that Market Dojo offices are now located in the middle of a farm, in the middle of the countryside and fields. Original for a company that creates software applications and is in full development!

The team, like most English people, are very welcoming. I could also describe it as happy, thirsty (yes, they drink eat least 4 or 5 cup of tea per person and per day), involved in their work & often crazy! 

Although they find it odd that I do not like tea and coffee, they do their best to quickly integrate myself within the team. They are very interested in me, which, in addition to creating relationships, helps me improve my English skills. 

As soon as I arrived, they didn’t hesitate in accompanying me to Subway and inviting me to come and play a football match on the first evening.

Unfortunately, I did not represent French football well that evening. Awkward in my dribbles and in front of goal, I justify myself by accusing my unsuitable shoes to synthetic fields.

I would add that Nick was a serial scorer this evening.

I also realise that English people seem to be more sporty than us. However fast food and junk food are present approximately everywhere. Perhaps the French and English could take the best from each other ?  

Let’s get back to work! My role is to develop their business in France by promoting them and by cold calling people in France. I'm not very exciting by this last one but it should be a beneficial experience in my career.

Then, I have to translate some parts of their website into French. Anya, the new marketing and salesperson, may need my help in promoting market dojo. I already have some design tasks to do, which I really like. Nevertheless, my main assignment is to help Alun to maintain his French knowledge. Actually he is not so bad!

I’m going to be a very busy man during these 10 weeks.

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