Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Some more generous client feedback

In case you missed it, we recently enhanced our Case Study page.  

This included a neat filter option to help our visitors zone into the segment of interest, be it Private or Public sector, Charities or Consultancies.  Give it a try here.

We've also added a number of new case studies for you to read.  Some highlights include:

Our partner eQuiddity / BakerWanless talk about how we've forged a close partnership over the last few years helping both our companies grow stronger.  

Milla Harloff-Bernyk from Creative Education shares her insight into the challenges faced by procurement teams within an SME and how user-friendliness drove the adoption within the company.

And lastly ABM Global Solutions' advisory team discuss how important support and frequent developments are to the on-going success of the eSourcing approach.

We hope you find them useful and of course should you have any specific questions about our clients or the eSourcing process in general, we'd love to hear from you.

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