Thursday, 30 July 2015

Top 5 Most Common eAuction Questions Solved Using Real Data

EDITORS NOTE: eWorld have kindly invited us to host a seminar on eAuction strategies at the conference in London on 22nd September. Check out our video for a sneaky preview...

What success have others had with eAuctions? 

How can I make great savings with my events?

Using real-life information from thousands of tenders run through our software, we've analysed our data to give you proven solutions to a number of the most commonly asked questions:

    1. What type of auction should I use?
    2. How many bidders should I have?
    3. How many lots should I have?
    4. How long should my auction be?
    5. How should I handle a ‘tied bid’ situation?

    Whether you’ve never heard of an eAuction before or are a seasoned pro, we've put together a guide filled with really informative graphics that is guaranteed to improve your eAuction success.

    You can download this infographic (along with other great resources) from our resource centre. All you have to do is register (for free) with Market Dojo.

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