Tuesday, 4 August 2015

5 years of eSourcing

Over the weekend, we surpassed our 5th year since our memorable incorporation on the 2nd August 2010. 

There have been a number of fantastic achievements since our previous birthday that we'd like to share with you to mark this occasion:


Over the last 12 months our number of Host registrations has grown by 53% whilst our number of paying customers has seen an amazing increase of 104%!

As ever this is a healthy mix of public, private and third sector customers, both large and small.

A selection of recent clients

Over the last 12 months we have brought some key skills in-house.  Predominantly our focus has been on Sales and Marketing, with Anya joining us in March, and a vacancy for our Account Executive role currently up for grabs.

With growth comes the need for new premises and that was another highlight for the year with our new home in Westend Offices in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside.

Westend Offices near Stroud
Thankfully we don't have to house everyone we work with.  Over the last year we've penned partnership agreements spanning the UK, Germany, France, Eastern Europe, Central America, US, Canada, Italy and the Middle East.  Our partners are doing a fantastic job of representing our brand, inviting us along to support their efforts including a memorable trip to the CIPS conference in Abu Dhabi.


Since our 4th birthday, we promised on our delivery of the Lot Matrix capability on the back of our LEP grant.   Many of our customers have given it whirl, eSourcing anything from office furniture, pipelines, wire harnessing, disposal units, mobile telecomms, print consumables, travel management etc.  Feedback so far has been fantastic, enabling our tool to really compete with the more sophisticated outfits, yet still for just £500 per month!

To keep up with our partners, we've released several new languages onto the site, including Slovenian and an improved German.  We're also due to release Italian, Spanish, Croatian and Hungarian over the coming months.

Multi-evaluator scoring to collaborate as a team on proposals

The last 6 months have been hugely busy, pushing on with a brand new module - our fourth - courtesy of yet another client collaboration.  More to come on that later this summer in time for a September eWorld announcement, though one part of it was to include multi-evaluator scoring which we're delighted to have released in July. 

And finally...

Some other achievements include the selection of Market Dojo as a "2015 Great Supply Chain Partner" by the world's most comprehensive supply chain management information resource, Supply Chain Brain.

Also a big congratulations to co-founder Nick Drewe for becoming a father after the birth of his daughter, Juniper.

Already 4 months old!

So in summary it has been a fantastic year with a number of key milestones that have given us a stable platform to expand.  We are truly excited by what lies in store.

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