Friday, 14 August 2015

Yeah but, no but, yeah...introducing dynamic questions!

Our development team have been at it again with the release of another new feature asked for by our loyal clients.

Dynamic questions

When asking people to complete paper-based forms, you typically see the instruction, "If you answered No to this question, please proceed to Section 4" or something like that. 

Well, now in our eSourcing tool, you can set up some intelligence in your surveys/RFIs/RFPs etc. to automatically present the participants with the questions that are still relevant to them. 

Setting up a dynamic question
It works with any question that has a prescribed set of answers, such as Yes/No, Pick from a list or multiple choice.  You define what further questions appear based on the answers chosen by the participant.

From the participant view, the new questions appear dynamically to ensure they don't miss a step.  You can set whether the dynamic question is mandatory, so when you ask the participant to complete the metaphorical Section 4, they really have to do this to be able to submit their response.

It also works with scored questionnaires, despite giving us some mathematical challenges!  

Give us a call if you want to know more, otherwise we'll leave you with Vicky Pollard and her unerring ability to make every question look dynamic!

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