Friday, 19 February 2016

How NOT to do Graphic Design

In preparation for this year’s events and tradeshows (the first being eWorld on 2nd March. Delegates can register here), the Market Dojo team got involved in a spot of design to create a new roll  up banner, showcasing all four of our products.

This project has really given us a newfound respect for graphic designers and the trials and tribulations that come with creating graphics. So we thought we would share some of the nuances of design with any beginners out there who wish to try their hand at designing marketing paraphernalia.

Two major challenges came about.

The first- not having a sufficient tool to do the job and relying on ‘’ to build the image.

And secondly- failing to initially stick to the required print specifications. is a wonderful tool if you want to quickly knock up an image for a blog article or put an image together with a specific size requirement. Eg. a LinkedIn post header image should be 700 x 400 pixels.

With some extra features that Microsoft Paint lacks, such as the ability to work in layers and the magic wand tool, it is quite efficient for basic design.

However it certainly lacks some of the bells and whistles required to make a high-resolution graphic suitable for a 2000mm x 800mm banner!
Whilst you can create layers, you cannot group them as you can with Adobe Photoshop, posing many challenges.

When creating a graphic for print, the minimum size needed is 300dpi. DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS or your image will look as though it was intended for Minecraft. (Trust me- experience talking here!)

Sticking to the specific size required is also a must as scaling up from  smaller size could be fatal! If you do make the mistake of building an image that is 1000x smaller than it needs to be, this is what will happen when you attempt to rectify it….

Issues aside, we managed to put together a wonderful banner, giving an overview of our products with some of our clients featured also. Thank you Banner Express for all the help and speedy delivery of our order.

Have you had any similar tales  of marketing mishaps? Or maybe an issue of a misunderstood specification with regards to a tender as a procurement professional?

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