Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Onboard with SIM Dojo - Part I


“Following a comprehensive review of the systems available, we decided to move forward with Market Dojo based on their philosophy and development approach surrounding their existing product base. Market Dojo are very innovative and flexible and have provided us with an excellent level of support; We are excited to be working with Market Dojo on this new on-boarding product”

- Tony Ritchings, Procurement Director, PHS

Market Dojo already helps businesses centralise their supplier sourcing activities and negotiate efficiently via e-Auctions with their flagship eSourcing product. 

Last year, we embarked on a project to develop a Supplier Information Management (SIM) tool starting with supplier onboarding. This is the backbone of effective supplier management. Companies are often unable to take advantage of critical supplier actions, such as expired insurance policies, because the information is not readily available. By using a SIM tool, companies can avoid challenges that happen as a result of poor supplier governance by storing relevant supplier information in one place and creating approved supplier lists.

The SIM application was developed in partnership with our customer PHS.  After conducting a thorough market analysis they were unable to find an affordable, flexible and easy to use tool.  After seeing our existing product range and understanding our philosophy, they decided to partner with Market Dojo to develop an onboarding tool which would integrate with our existing product set to create a seamless flow of supplier information. 

The implementation is made as simple as possible. The main time constraints being process rather than system related.  If you already have onboarding questionnaires and you know which stakeholders are involved in supplier assessment then the system can be set up in under a day for immediate go live. 

You can then batch invite suppliers whilst defining which questionnaires they will answer and who is responsible internally.  The progress of the team and suppliers can be easily tracked and finally the suppliers can be approved or rejected into groups.  The approved suppliers can be managed whilst automatically tracking expiry dates of documents and questionnaires.

The real beauty of the system is the flexibility and self service model.  You ultimately reduce the internal workload and this in turn makes adoption easier for the suppliers.  Questionnaires can be broken down into manageable elements so the suppliers who maintain your coffee machines for example don’t need to answer the questionnaire for working at heights.  Also it means that time is not wasted internally by the departments scoring questionnaires for suppliers for which they have no bearing.


We have set an introductory pricing for the first year which we will promise to hold for any clients who joins us in these exciting times.

An annual licence costs £5,000 for unlimited users and the first 500 suppliers.  It includes all training and support and we promise to get you started promptly.  Thereafter it is £1,000 for 500 suppliers.  There are no hidden costs and all features such as white-labelling, multi-scoring and versioning are included.

Why choose us:

Our system has been designed with the end users in mind while maintaining a professional and efficient process.  We focus on user adoption.  We have seen many organisations invest in complex and cumbersome solutions that have a huge wealth of functionality (at a cost), but without enough consideration for the end user experience.  In turn this has can lead to users resisting the uptake of the tool and subsequently sub-optimal performance.

More importantly, such software requires uptake by the supply chain, without which on-boarding has little benefit.  If organisations are not able to convince suppliers that the tool will make their lives easier, this will ultimately lead to less competition and significant time and energy (and ultimately money) diverted to motivate users to adopt the tool.

Hence as a company, we have been approached by many organizations who use such complex tools and are looking for something quicker and easier, yet that can still cater for 95% of the functionality, that will be adopted by all users without complications.  We provide all this at an affordable price with excellent support.

Read Part II of the blog to see some of SIM Dojo in action and check out the key benefits.
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