Thursday, 2 June 2016

How we do Customer Support...

We love our customers. We want to make sure they are happy with the service we provide to them. This means customer support is VERY important to us. So, how do we do it?

Track everything
To make sure everyone knows what is going on (customers and ourselves alike), we use a support portal to record all the information about support tickets and solutions. The portal integrates with the Market Dojo application, our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Live Chat and Bug Tracking systems. This means it’s easier for us to tell who needs help, and track the progress of a ticket. All our customers also have access to the portal which they can use to find solutions to common problems, review their tickets and log new ones.

Make it easy to report a problem
Our customers can use a range of ways to contact us these include email, telephone, Skype and web chat. About 50% of our support cases come via web chat; email and phone each account for 20% with the remainder split across other channels. Our goal is to provide the same high standard of support, regardless of the channel.

Everyone on support
At Market Dojo, support is shared amongst the team. This approach has become really popular among Software as a Service companies over the last few years. Although doing support can be hard to juggle with other tasks, it means that we remain connected to what our customers want, and put this at the centre of everything else we do.

Classifying the problem
We see several types of support issue, and we always try to carefully categorise it. This allows us to set priorities and also create useful reports.
We categorise problems according to who can help - Market Dojo Support, Operations or Development teams, or is it a question for the person hosting the event? We also identify which area of the system the problem affects. Currently about 61% of our support tickets can be solved by the front line support team.
Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 17.43.31.png

Finding a solution
Once we fully understand the problem, we may be able to resolve it straight away. For example, by giving advice on how to reset a password or a suggestion on where to find the correct information. For problems which need help from the development team, we will log the issue in our Bug Tracker.

Bugs are prioritised according to their urgency and importance. This means that we would work on a problem which is preventing customers from running events, before we looked at a suggestion to move a button.

Customer notification
After a bug has been fixed, we will notify the affected Customer and close the case.

We are always looking for ways to improve our support...

If we answer a support query which is likely to be asked again in the future, we create a solution.  This solution is then shown on the Support Portal so all our customers and the support team can see it.  This concept is  called Knowledge Centred Support and helps to keep our solutions up to date.

Once a month we review the new cases and look for trends and ways to improve. We recently found that many Live Chat requests were questions for the event Host and not for Market Dojo.  As a result we are experimenting with changes to our Live Chat buttons to make it clearer whom to contact.

We love our customers. We want to make sure they are happy with the service we provide to them. We use systems and processes to ensure we do the best we can to support them.

I hope this insight into how we support our customers is interesting.  I would love to hear any questions or ideas about how we could do better. If you are a customer, please do try the support portal next time you need help.

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