Friday, 23 June 2017

Behind the scenes at Market Dojo

Hi, I'm Ed, And this is my Market Dojo experience. 

Firstly, I had no idea about the company apart from my own research. In my research, I kept on seeing words which were unfamiliar with myself. Procurement, eAuctions and eSourcing. This all sounded very confusing at first, but I was confident that I’d be learning about it all soon enough.

A day in the Office.

The office was not what I was expecting. Its location was surrounded by fields. Lots of friendly people working hard (or at least most of the time). It was a fun looking place, dealing with high-level procurement organisations. I soon learnt more about my unfamiliar words, and by the end of the first day I felt like I had been learning a whole different language (SaaS, RFx, MLIBS and MOFA).

Myself and Harry
Myself and Harry joined the internship to get some work experience in a business and to create a film. A film which would explore the benefits of Market Dojo. Hopefully, with the learning from our University course and the brain power from the two of us (Majority mine), we would create an engaging piece of material.

Pitching the Film ideas was a fun experience. Before the pitch, we got a few test questions to ease us in pitching and breaking the ice. Let's just say that the University didn't prepare me for these types of questions, but I’ll get back to this later. Before the pitches, myself and Harry had come up with 12 quick but well thought out ideas which then the crew at Market Dojo had to sit through.

Myself congratulating our actor
Afterwards, we planned to create two types of films. One a promo/advert style video and the other a simple getting the co-founders to explain to the camera/audience about Market Dojo and eSourcing. This was what was decided by ourselves and the Market Dojo crew.

We spent time learning about running the social media side and website design marketing. As well as learning that we would be adding our own blog up on their blogger page. Hoping so far so good.

On Tuesday we did our first bit of filming. We had previously been in contact with the Cheltenham Museum to collect some artefacts as props for the film and the Monday we picked up the filming kit. The film promo idea was to tell a quick story through time with eSourcing.

Improvised desk

Harry having a quick drink before filming

On Thursday we were back at Market Dojo to do some more filming, shooting the interview/explaining styled film and the office scenes for the promo film. We found a lovely spot to film the founders of the company using a field for the background to represent their free spirits.

The next week was spent editing the films. Myself and Harry edited the films back in Cheltenham ready to show Market Dojo on Friday.

I had a great time at Market Dojo; learning the trade, creating some films and meeting some genuinely really nice people. I’ll leave Market Dojo asking myself one question. Why did I choose the armpit dispenser over the ham hand?

Market Dojo helps procurement professionals negotiate better with our on-demand eSourcing tools. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch or register for free and play around with our software for yourself!


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