Thursday, 23 November 2017

Learning Excel through Football

Market Dojo have put together a learning spreadsheet to help procurement professionals gain a better understanding of excel. This spreadsheet uses premier league, international and club football data to provide engaging educational statistics.

Included in the spreadsheet is:
  • Basic Excel Formulas - SUM, Average, Min/Max, Count etc
  • Intermediate Excel Formulas - IF & IF(AND)
  • Text Excel Formulas - TRIM, Concatenate etc
  • Excel Lookups - Standard Lookups & VLookups
  • Conditional Formatting Rules
  • Pivot Tables - Layouts, filters etc
  • Graphs - Editing graphs, Trendlines, Combo Graphs etc
  • Macros - Turning on macros and creating macros

You can download the spreadsheet here on our resources page under miscellaneous.

In the modern age of data, being able to decipher large amounts of data can be invaluable in both saving you time and analysing data in new ways. Whether you trying to formulate data into an importable file or simply improve your employability.

We believe that having a good understanding of Excel is essential for the modern day procurement professional. Without being able to use Vlookups or create conditional formatting rules you would struggle to organise and interpret large volumes of data that is crucial in modern roles.

This spreadsheet isn't meant to be a thorough understanding of all the different aspects of Excel. However, if you have anything else that you believe should be included just get in contact and we will do our best to include in an amended version.
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