Wednesday, 1 November 2017

New Release - November 2017

Our regular system improvements have taken place again, and this month we have looked at Document Sharing.

Ability to attach documents only for a specific supplier
Documents are a really important way for our customers to share information, whether these are terms of business, product specifications or customer references, they often form a critical part of the tender. Until recently, document security meant that a Host could only share documents with Participants based on their status. All participants would see some documents, with others restricted to just the Participants who the Host had given access to the whole event. Sharing in this way, is easy and simple, however sometimes you may want to share a document with only some suppliers. Examples include co-signed NDAs, Award Letters and Signed Contracts. Previously, the only option was to do this outside Market Dojo, which meant some parts of the audit trail were not available. Sharing Now, we have changed this, so that documents can be shared with certain suppliers, or just with the other Hosts managing the event. This is an extra option when creating or editing documents:

Documents have a new ‘Share with’ option, where you can control who can see the document.

The experience of viewing a document remains the same for Participants (either they can see a document, or they cannot). For Hosts, there is now an extra information badge, which shows who has access to this document.

When the host views a document, they can easily see who it is shared with.

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